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At some point in time senior citizens will reach a stage where they or their families will start to realize that completing some of their daily living activities are not as easy to be carried out anymore or maybe even the senior is forgetting to do them.  This is where an assisted living facility can be beneficial, as they help individuals with completing their daily living activities.  Assisted living are governed by both state and federal laws.  State laws protect the senior citizens’ rights so that they can avoid discrimination and abuse and have a secure environment to live in.

Each state will have their own set of laws and regulations, it is important that seniors and their families are aware of these laws so that they don’t get taken advantage of.  There are also laws that restrict certain seniors from being admitted into an assisted living home, depending on their health condition of the individual.  These laws protect both the facility and other residents that reside there.  Check out this Assisted Living Fort Lauderdale video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtc3msEjCQ8.

Seniors are typically abused either by the staff of assisted living and nursing homes, as well as by other residents and sometimes by visitors to these facilities.  Abuse could range from mental, physical and even sexual.  Abuse also includes a facility that is not clean, improper medication management, not providing meals or access to the amenities of the facility.   If you have a family member in an assisted living or nursing home, you should always make sure that you are aware of your aging loved one’s environment.

Seniors that will not be accepted for an assisted living community are individuals that have any type of infectious diseases or any other health condition that would require 24 hour skilled nursing care, which can only be found at a nursing home or hospital.  When it comes time to consider assisted living it can be a difficult decision.  Take time beforehand to educate yourself and your aging loved one, so that you can become aware of the benefits of assisted living.  Even take some time and visit a few senior living communities in your local area to get a feel of the environment, the staff and the existing residents, this way when the time does come for assisted living, the transition will be a lot easier.

What Are The Different Types Of Elderly Housing & Facilities?

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Independent Living Facilities

Independent living communities typically provide seniors with a small apartment and in some cases, they may get meals included with the cost of the monthly rent. Seniors that reside at an independent living facility will need to manage their activities of daily living by themselves. Some facilities will offer extra care services for an additional fee to help their elderly residents age in place.

Assisted Living Facilities

Most assisted living communities will provide what most of us know as a hotel size room, the residents will have the options to either pay extra for a private room or they can minimize their monthly rent by sharing a room with another senior. With the monthly cost, residents will get 3 meals which include snacks, assistance with completing their daily living activities such as grooming and bathing and medication management. Assisted living facilities are for seniors that are for the most part healthy and who just need some assistance with their daily living activities, so the resident must be able to walk or transfer from either a chair to standing up or a chair to the bed with the assistance of only one person.  Visit this assisted living Fort Lauderdale Pinterest site and you can also find out more information at this Facebook Page.

They will have a nursing assistant on duty 24 hours per day. A resident will not have to leave the building if they do not want to, as the assisted living will have every type of doctor or healthcare service to visit the facility at least once per month. If a senior citizen needs assistance with paying for the cost of assisted living they can look into the Medicaid Waiver Program, which will help them in paying for some of their living expenses. Qualified veterans that need the services offered by an assisted living community can apply for the Veteran Aide And Attendance Pension to get financial assistance.

Dementia Specific Communities

Some senior living facilities are set up specifically for memory impaired seniors to help enhance the lifestyle of the elderly that suffer from dementia. Typically, seniors will have two choices, either a nursing home or assisted living that has an Alzheimer’s Unit. These dementia units are secure, that way residents can’t just wander off from the facility and get lost. Typically, there is an extra charge to get this additional level of senior care.

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