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After hurricane Andrew that devastated South Florida in 1992, is basically when impact windows started to get popular. There is probably no better way to protect your business or home from the flying debris and high winds that accompany a hurricane. Nowadays, you can’t find a new construction home in South Florida that does not have impact resistant windows, as it has now become part of the building code. However, if you have an older home and you live in South Florida, then you should put hurricane windows on your list of home improvement projects.

If you are looking into purchasing replacement windows and you live in an area that is affected by tropical storm season, then you will be happy to know that impact windows cost are not much more than other types of high quality traditional windows. The most notable benefit of hurricane resistant windows is that they protect your family and home from the water, wind and fly debris that come with tropical storms.

Broken windows are associated with the most damage that is done to a business or home during a hurricane, as when your windows break, and then flying debris are able to enter your home, as well as the high air pressure fills your home. The problem with high air pressure is that it can cause other windows to break or it can take the roof off of your home. Impact windows have many benefits over other forms of hurricane protection devices such as plywood or shutters. Hurricane windows don’t require anymore labor once they are installed and they will be always ready and in place to protect you and your family.

Individuals that have physical limitations never have to worry about taking shutters down or putting them up to protect their homes from hurricanes if they have impact windows and doors. Other benefits of high impact windows are that they are hard to break, so a would-be burglar will not be able to gain access to your house. Since your home will be more secure, you can contact your homeowner’s insurance provider to ask them about a discount.

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