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If you own a coastal home in Miami-Dade County with a great ocean view, you shouldn’t give it up for the fear of hurricanes and stormy winds. Such a spot for a home is worth dying for and therefore you should be prepared to protect it from any kind of storm. Hurricane resistant windows can do a great job in protecting your home in Miami Florida from strong and destructive winds. These windows come with a great combination of helpful features, making them advantageous in many ways. Whether you are planning to install your first set of windows in your new home or replace the ones you are currently using, storm windows should be your pick if you want to protect your home from hurricane. In case you need further ideas on how to pick the best storm resistant windows, below are 10 buying tips for impact windows in Miami:

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  1. Impact Resistance

The major reason as to why you are installing storm windows in your home is to improve your protection. For this reason, every homeowner with this kind of window replacement project needs to choose a window as per its ability to resist impact. The stronger the window the safer your home becomes. You get the opportunity to protect your family and properties by simply installing windows with the right strength.

  1. Energy Efficiency

You should consider an energy efficient window when buying a storm protection window.  Apart from just protecting you against strong winds, you will be able to enjoy reduced energy bills and efficient natural energy utilization. Energy efficient windows improve the condition of your home without having to invest in other atmosphere regulating and cleaning devices.

  1. Environmental Friendliness

These hurricane resistant windows are from different sources. If you wish to make the environment better, then you should consider going for Eco-friendly windows. These are windows made from recyclable materials to avoid situations that needs cutting down of trees.

  1. Pick by Material/Brand

Windows are made from several different materials. Most common window materials include vinyl, wood, metal, glass and so much more. When picking your storm window, you should consider picking the right material that fits well in your home environment. Consider the type of heat regulation your house needs, the design of your home construction. The material is so important when picking a hurricane window.

  1. Decoration and Design Options

You can consider the windows importance in decorating your home. Apart from looking for protection, you might be interested in a new look or perfecting your home’s appearance. In this case, you have a wide range of style and design to pick from. You can have your storm resistant window tinted, or painted for better appearance and comfort in your home. Window replacement is a better way of remodeling your house and finding a new good look for your home.

  1. Cost – Save Money on Storm Windows 

You don’t have to spend a fortune when buying protection in the form of a window. In as much as good things don’t come cheap; you should consider an affordable budget when buying impact windows. Lucky enough, there is a good price range to choose from depending on the type of window you want to take home. Make sure you spend your money on quality top quality impact resistant windows.

  1. Durability is good

If your windows can last long without having to be replaced, then you have the right windows for your house. Therefore, when buying impact resistant windows, you should greatly consider its durability. A good home needs a strong window that can protect it from as many storms as possible. For you to achieve this, you have to consider buying replacement windows that offer you service for a very long period of time.

  1. Installation and replacements needs to be easy

Easy to install windows are every DIY homeowner’s dream. Having easy to install and use windows can save you money that you would otherwise use in hiring a professional window installation contractor.

  1. Choose Size

Apart from the material, size can also be an important consideration when buying storm resistant windows. Large windows may increase the chances of damage for storm prone areas. Several small windows are more secure and beautiful in your home.

  1. Security

On top of protecting your home from storm, your hurricane windows should be secure enough to prevent burglaries and uninvited entries from your home. Weak windows are common entry points in most theft cases.

On top of hurricane resistance, storm windows offer additional prevention from burglary, incoming noises and other disturbances. They are durable and can be a perfect investment for anyone trying to change your home into a new look. These windows contribute greatly in improving the comfort of your home. They are your best chance of living stress free without having to worry about hurricane seasons.

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After hurricane Andrew that devastated South Florida in 1992, is basically when impact windows started to get popular. There is probably no better way to protect your business or home from the flying debris and high winds that accompany a hurricane. Nowadays, you can’t find a new construction home in South Florida that does not have impact resistant windows, as it has now become part of the building code. However, if you have an older home and you live in South Florida, then you should put hurricane windows on your list of home improvement projects.

If you are looking into purchasing replacement windows and you live in an area that is affected by tropical storm season, then you will be happy to know that impact windows cost are not much more than other types of high quality traditional windows. The most notable benefit of hurricane resistant windows is that they protect your family and home from the water, wind and fly debris that come with tropical storms.

Broken windows are associated with the most damage that is done to a business or home during a hurricane, as when your windows break, and then flying debris are able to enter your home, as well as the high air pressure fills your home. The problem with high air pressure is that it can cause other windows to break or it can take the roof off of your home. Impact windows have many benefits over other forms of hurricane protection devices such as plywood or shutters. Hurricane windows don’t require anymore labor once they are installed and they will be always ready and in place to protect you and your family.

Individuals that have physical limitations never have to worry about taking shutters down or putting them up to protect their homes from hurricanes if they have impact windows and doors. Other benefits of high impact windows are that they are hard to break, so a would-be burglar will not be able to gain access to your house. Since your home will be more secure, you can contact your homeowner’s insurance provider to ask them about a discount.

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